Music at Calvary

Calvary is one church family united in worshiping our Lord, Jesus Christ, but we gather as multiple congregations in two sanctuaries. This allows for a range of musical styles accompanying our worship. 

Historic Chapel - Traditional Music

The congregations that gather in Calvary’s Historic Chapel (the small chapel adjacent to 13th street), enjoy a more traditional Anglican approach to music. Hymns are sung accompanied by our Johannus digital organ, a fine instrument that was installed in 2011. Dean Stalnaker is our Saturday evening service organist, while Dennis Van Patter plays organ on Sunday mornings. Dennis also directs an occasional adult choir, the Calvary Singers. Occasional instrumentalists and vocal soloists provide special music throughout the year. 

For those who prefer a quiet, more contemplative experience, the 7:30am service has no music.


Great Hall - Contemporary Music

Calvary’s newer and larger sanctuary, the Great Hall, is situated at the south end of the campus adjacent to 14th street. The 9:00am congregation enjoy more contemporary music as an accompaniment to worship. Music is lead by vocalists and a band comprising guitars, electric bass, piano, and other instruments. The bigger space and larger crowd require amplification and we also use a digital projector and screen for song lyrics and service text. 

If you would like to participate in a Great Hall music team, please fill out the from located here.