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Holy Week and Easter at Calvary

On Palm Sunday (April 13) we enter Jerusalem with Jesus and hear the Passion narrative. There will be a Seder meal in the Great Hall this evening. A Seder is the traditional Jewish celebration of the Passover and is the context for the Last Supper which will be commemorated on Maundy Thursday. Reservation required for Seder Meal

At the Monday Eucharist (5:30pm) we are with Jesus as Mary of Bethany anoints his feet.

On Tuesday (5:30pm), we follow Jesus to the Temple where he turns over the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold sacrificial doves.

On Wednesday (5:30pm), the plot to betray Jesus begins to unfold.

On Maundy Thursday (7:00pm), we are all invited to wash one another’s feet just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples before the Last Supper. Following the service is the Watch that extends through the night to the first service of Good Friday. At the Watch, we take an hour of our time to watch with Jesus during his lonely hours in the Garden of Gethsemane just before he was betrayed and arrested.

On Good Friday (7:00am, 12:05pm & 7:00pm), we find ourselves at the foot of the Cross, mourning Jesus’ death.

On Holy Saturday (8:30am), the service is very brief as we remember Jesus’ descent into hell.

The Great Vigil of Easter begins after sunset (the Jewish beginning of the new day) on Saturday (8:00pm). At this service the Easter fire and candle are lit representing the return of the light of Christ into the world and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is proclaimed.

Easter Sunday (April 20), the Day of the Resurrection, is Christianity’s greatest day of celebration!!  6:00am sunrise service outside, 9:00am services & 11:05am services.


Services Schedule


                         April 12                      Saturday (Historic Church)

                         5:00 pm                     Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Communion


                        April 13                      Palm Sunday

8:00 am                     Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Communion (Historic Church)

9:00 & 11:05 am       Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Communion (HC & GH)

4:00 pm                     Seder Passover Dinner—Reservations only (GH)


April 14-16               Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday in Holy Week (Historic Church)

4:30 pm                    Sacramental Confessions

5:00 pm                    Stations of the Cross

5:30 pm                    Holy Communion


April 17                     Maundy Thursday (Historic Church)

5:30 pm                    Stations of the Cross & Quiet Prayer

6:00 pm                    Sacramental Confessions

6:30 pm                    Quiet Prayer

7:00 pm                    Foot Washing and Maundy Thursday Service

8:00 pm                   Watch before the Altar of Repose (Ministry Center Library)


April 18                   Good Friday (Historic Church)

7:00 am                  Good Friday Service

12:05 pm                Good Friday Service with hymns

6:00 pm                  Sacramental Confessions

6:30 pm                  Quiet Prayer

7:00 pm                  Good Friday Service with hymns


April 19                  Holy Saturday

8:30 am                 Holy Saturday Service (Historic Church)

8:00 pm                 The Easter Vigil and Celebration (Great Hall)


April 20                  Easter Sunday

6:00 am                 Easter Sunrise Service (Columbarium)

                               Followed by breakfast in the Ministry Center

9:00 & 11:05 am   Festive Easter Service (Great Hall & Historic Church)


Nursery care is available Sundays from 8:45 am—12:15 pm




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