“The Call is an invitation into a well-balanced, intentional facilitation of challenge and growth.  I’m impressed with the intentionality and concern that Daniel & Alli have put into not just my ministry responsibilities, but also into me, personally.  The Call has provided me with a sacred and safe space for discernment. The culture of The Call is a great combination of community, ministry and reflection.  The youth, and their character as a group has not only provided a safe space to practice and grow in leadership. The honesty and discernment of Daniel and Alli has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon for my future.”

-Ryan L. 2017-18 resident


“I had never experienced anything like the formation days in The Call.  Participating in The Call has challenged who I am, where I find my identity and what I’m doing with my life.  Daniel & Alli’s reliance on the Holy Spirit to lead us in what we’re doing is amazing. We’ve forged steel, we’ve baked bread, we’ve helped repair somebody’s roof, we’ve led youth retreats together. Being a part of The Call for me is some of the best work that I’ve ever done in my life. There have been tears, there’s been laughter, there have been some amazing experiences that, for me, make me ask ‘Why can’t it go on forever?’  I have enjoyed the anticipation of what God is doing, and what He’s preparing me for. The Call was exactly what I needed at this time in my life.”

- Jacob S. 2017-18 resident