The Call is a year-long leadership formation residency at Calvary Church in Golden. You will be discipled, mentored and trained by experienced ministry leaders and be given the chance to exercise and hone your ministry leadership skills in real-time ministry.  We will also spend time in discernment around your vocation: Who has God uniquely created you to be in this world?  You will be pushed to your edge and fully supported throughout your experience. (Click the titles for more information).


Discipleship Training

Discipleship and mission are at the heart of this residency program.  We understand discipleship to be sharing life with Jesus in a way that makes us more like Him.  Discipleship happens as we share everyday life with Christ, but this only happens with intentionality.  We will have daily rhythms of prayer, weekly discipleship discussions and seasonal retreats to anchor following Jesus into the heart of this residency.


Missional Focus

The Gospel is meant to be shared.  But how can we learn to become compelling and winsome witnesses for God’s kingdom?  Mission will be the primary stance for your residency.  We will also help you get a part-time job in the community, which will both help you make some money and get you out in the world, where you can share God’s love with others who need it.




Leadership Formation

You’ll receive both leadership training and a well-rounded ministry experience.  You will have opportunities both to serve and to lead.  Perhaps you want to grow as a worship leader or as a college or youth minister (or something else!).  We’ll work with you to help grow you as a leader in these specific areas.  We will connect you with experienced, local ministry leaders who will mentor you and invest in you as a leader.

Christian Community

Restored relationship with God and each other is the foundation for all true ministry.  During your residency, you’ll live in Christian community in downtown Golden, right across the street from Calvary Church.  We will also connect you with a host family (or two!) from our church who will adopt you, support you and help care for you throughout the year. 

How will I support myself in the program?

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Contact Daniel Coffey with questions: 303-279-2188,

Who We Are

Daniel & Alli Coffey

Leaders of The Call Leadership Formation Residency

Daniel: “I’ve been the Pastor for Youth and Young Adults at Calvary since 2012 when  I graduated from Denver Seminary  with an MDiv.  But more importantly, who am I?  I am a pastor, musician, bread baker and micro coffee roaster extraordinaire.  Ever since God got ahold of my life when I was forteen, it’s been my passion to grow closer to the Father’s heart and to help lead others into a saving, healing, transformative relationship with the Triune!  I enjoy reading anything from Karl Barth and Eugene Peterson to Victor Hugo and John Irving.  I’m pretty sure God made me to play music, snowboard and backpack.  We have a dog, Sheba, who would love to meet you.  Alli & I have been married for nearly 6 years now, and we are excited to open our hearts to you and help lead you through the next year of your life!”

Alli: “I started leading music at Calvary when Daniel and I moved to Golden in 2011. As a worship leader, music therapist and a singer/songwriter, I am passionate about using music to connect with God and make a difference in the lives of others. Daniel and I enjoy writing and performing music together, skiing, playing games, exploring the outdoors, and asking deep questions of our dinner guests. Golden is a wonderful place to live, play, work, and rest. Our desire is to grow deeper and deeper in the love and life of Christ with a passionate and engaged community to bless and heal the world around us. If that sounds amazing, join us!”


Tim Phenna

Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, Golden


“I joined Calvary in 2004 as Associate Pastor, and in May of 2016 was appointed Senior Pastor. Born and raised in the U.K. and ordained in the Church of England, I first came to the U.S.A. in 1991 to marry Alisa, my wife of 25 years now, moving from London to Little Rock, AR, which is the definition of culture shock! I dropped out of high school and left home at 17 to join a similar residency program to “The Call” – I’ve been in Christian Ministry ever since, with a passion to see the church move from a “we-go-to-church” mentality, to a “we-are-the-church” identity. I attended Theological College at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and served at two churches in the city of Sheffield – St. Thomas’, Crookes, one of the largest churches in the U.K., and St. Chad’s, Woodseats, a tiny urban parish.”

Tim, Alisa and their 3 young adult children feel blessed to have called Golden “home” for the last 13 years and love life and ministry on the Front Range.

These are our ministry partners: People who have influenced us and that we’re working with to reach our world:

3DMovements,  Gravity Leadership, Leadership Design Group, The Cross Ministry Group, Young Life, LaunchPad Studios, The Together Church of Golden, Neighborhood Rehab Project, Community Faith in Action