Missional Focus

The Gospel is meant to be shared.  But how can we learn to become compelling and winsome witnesses for God’s kingdom?  Mission will be the primary stance for your residency.  If you need, we can help you get a part-time job in the community, which will both help your living expenses, giving, and get you out in the world, where you can share God’s love with others who need it.

Residency Mission Definition

We understand “mission” to be our response to Jesus’ call to love and make disciples of those all around us, starting right here in our neighborhood, extending to the ends of the earth.

Seeing Jesus in Everyone - Everyone around you is made in the image of God.  In the world, we will serve Christ by acknowledging Him and loving Him in every person we meet.

Relationships - Whether it’s a passing conversation with someone you just met or a deep conversation with a life-long friend, we will share God’s love with others in word and deed.

Prayer, Service, Sharing, Giving, etc - Life together is something that our world needs to see done well.  We as a community will support each other in the ups and downs of life--with prayer, meeting tangible needs and sharing whatever we have to offer.  And we will open our hearts and our doors to others who are intrigued by the life of Christ they see in us.