Living Expenses

Your room, board and basic living expenses will be covered through a combination of you raising support, your part-time job and gifts from people in our church who want to support you.  Our goal is to help support you in every way during your residency.


Room & Board - Residents will all live in community at the Armory Apartments.  Between raising support, support from the Calvary community and working a part-time job, we want to make sure your basic living expenses will be covered for the year.

Raising Support - Residents are asked to raise a percentage of their financial support in their personal community, as well as to garner spiritual and prayer support for their year.  We will match your support with donations from generous people from Calvary who are excited to have you here.

Part-Time Job - We can help connect you to people from our church and community to help get you a part-time job in Golden.  Or, if you have a part-time job in your career field, we can work with that.  This will help you pay your living expenses.

Additional Support - Apartment utilities are included in rent! Calvary will take care of parking permits.