Plan Detail Clarifications

Will there be easy access to the plaza for those with mobility issues?

The plaza will have a number of ADA compliant ramps, allowing those with mobility issues to easily and safely move between either level of the parking garage and either the Great Hall or the Historic Church. The ramp that currently allows access to the Historic Church will remain in place.

How many total parking spaces will there be?

The current plan provides for around 30 new parking spaces (bringing us to a total of 84 in the new parking structure). We may gain or lose a few spaces as we consider how much space to allocate for options, such as storage and bathrooms.

How does this plan provide for families – will there be room to play?

The upper area of the plaza will have around 3000 square feet of flat space – about the size of the Great Hall – that will give us more space for VBS and youth activities. We are considering purchasing portable children’s play equipment that would create a fun atmosphere while maintaining our goal of multi-use space. Potentially, a defined area of the plaza could consist of a rubberized “play” surface, or even grass.

Will we have time to complete the project before the ordinance expires?

The ordinance expires on April 26, 2019. By that date, the so called “S-shaped street” that connects 13th Street to 14th Street must be completed. Should we encounter any hurdles, the other portions of the project could be completed at a slower timeline. However, with an estimated construction phase of only 5 months and a projected ground-breaking in Spring of 2018, there is enough time to complete the whole project.

Can this project include a community garden?

Yes! The landscaped terraces could be used to grow fruits and vegetables, tended to by Calvary and community volunteers. Anything grown could be made available at the Calvary Food Shelf.

Community Engagement

How has the wider community, outside of Calvary, reacted to this plan?

The community has been largely supportive. Tim Phenna met with the Downtown Merchants Association the week after presenting the Inside-Out plan to the congregation, and they seemed excited by the plan. He also had opportunities to present to the Parks & Rec. Board and the JeffCo Economic Development Commission. Further presentations to various local boards and committees are scheduled, as are more personal meetings with people of influence.

Can we partner with the Colorado School of Mines on the project?

A meeting has been requested with the School of Mines’ Architect. We would be very interested in partnering with them to continue the walkway up onto their campus.

Can we partner with other merchants or the City to help fund the project?

Informal requests have been made to the city on a few aspects of the project, such as the improvement of Miner’s Alley and undergrounding of utilities, and we will continue to pursue those opportunities.

Plaza Once Completed

What is the plan for maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, etc.?

Daily maintenance, cleaning and snow removal of the Plaza and Parking Structure will be covered through contract labor. These additional costs could be offset by rental income from plaza events and a potential revenue stream from paid parking (although we would never charge Calvary members for parking). The landscaping needs of the terraced gardens could be met by Calvary volunteers.

Do we have a plan for the safety and security of the parking lot & plaza?

CCTV cameras have already been installed in and around the Armory and we plan to do the same for Calvary’s buildings on the west side of Arapahoe. Cameras could also cover the Plaza and Parking Structure. Adequate lighting will certainly be installed.

This project certainly is a strong statement that Calvary is committed to becoming even more welcoming to the wider community of Golden. This will bring opportunities to learn how to serve all segments of society – rich and poor, the well-fed and the hungry, the housed and the homeless. This will certainly bring challenges, but they are gospel challenges that we ought to be grappling with anyway.

Who will be allowed to park in the new structure?

The parking lot will remain (as the current upper two surface lots have been) exclusively for Calvary members during services on Sundays. We are considering ways to monetize the garage during the week, but will ensure that free weekday parking for Calvary members and volunteers, as needed, will also be available. 


Calvary’s Plans and Values

How does the Inside-Out plan fit with our plans for the Armory Building?

The vision statement for the future of the Armory is, “A common place for the common good.” In time, the plan is to re-purpose much of the interior of the Armory to promote community gathering and connection – Golden’s Mayor has described this vision as “Golden’s living room.” Clearly this is consistent with the Inside-Out vision – the Plaza would be like “Golden’s back yard!”

What is the plan for the house across the street?

817 14th Street currently provides a reliable revenue stream, through tenant rent, to Calvary. It is home to Calvary staff members, Daniel & Alli Coffey, in the ground level apartment and to Andrew Osteen, a Pastor at Golden First Presbyterian, in the upper apartment. We have no immediate plans to change the usage of the house or the property on which it sits.

Does this concept preclude a new building?

The Inside-Out plan addresses many of the features of a larger sanctuary at a much lower price. However, as we approach our 150th anniversary and reflect on our history, we want to ensure that any plan we choose will also allow for further improvements to our campus. Performing on the ordinance before it expires, in April 2019, will further secure Calvary’s ongoing presence in the heart of Golden.

How will we manage rentals? Will Calvary ensure that Christian values are reflected in the events that take place?

Already, Calvary frequently hosts a variety of civic events and weddings, and would extend our current policies to cover the new space. We have never operated with a “catch-all” facility rental policy; each provisional event is carefully screened and discerned before any firm booking is made.

In what ways does this plan reflect Calvary’s identity as a light for Christ in downtown Golden?

This plan turns us Inside-Out. Long gone are the days when the approach to church growth was, “If you build it, they will come”, with the assumption that convenient and beautiful church buildings would attract visitors to enter in. The current reality is often described as a Post-Christendom culture – we are living in a mission-field, right here in suburban North America! The gospel-light of Christ must be taken out into the harvest field of our communities. 

Financial Concerns

Why are we building a plaza and parking structure, instead of using the additional funds we could raise to address other issues?

The funds needed to complete this project are considerable and the challenge to know how best to distribute any funds (large or small) is a constant process of discernment. Part of the equation of discernment around this project is the dead-line of the ordinance – if we do not complete construction by April 2019, the opportunity will be lost, potentially forever. We believe that this project will not only help preserve Calvary for many more years to come but will also be a means by which the Calvary community will continue to grow in numbers and influence. If we do this now, we will be able to do so much more, for so many more who are in need, into the future.

What will the operating costs be?

This early in the project, it is difficult to estimate what the operating costs will be. We hope to form a small committee to research and estimate anticipated operational costs (if interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Tim Phenna). We hope that revenue raised from event rentals and parking would offset those costs.

What revenues do we expect from parking and event rentals?

Calvary is currently popular event space in downtown Golden, for both wedding and civic functions. We already make a good amount of money from rentals, and we expect that expanding our capacity would allow us to host more events. This early in the project it is difficult to project exactly how much that might be. We are also considering options to monetize the parking during the week.

How much do we need to raise in pledges prior to breaking ground?

We are currently in the process of securing a Construction Loan (that would then transfer to a more regular mortgage upon completion of the construction phase) for $2.5million. This loan would be serviced through the general operating fund. A capital campaign will launch this fall (winter) to fund the remaining $2-2.5 million. We anticipate breaking ground in the Spring of 2018.

How long will the capital campaign run?

The capital campaign will begin seeking pledges this winter. The giving period will run for three years, through 2021.