Discipleship Training  

Discipleship is at the heart of this residency.  We understand discipleship to be sharing life with Jesus in a way that makes us more like Him.  Discipleship happens as we share everyday life with Christ, but this only happens with intentionality.  Daily rhythms of prayer, weekly discipleship discussions and seasonal retreats anchor following Jesus into the heart of this residency.

Three Dimensional Ministry

We were created for the abundant life of Christ which is found as we engage relationships with God (up), the family of Christ (in) and the world (out).  Residency life is patterned after the ways of Jesus and the work/rest rhythms He modeled for us.

Up - You’ll join us for Sunday worship and staff prayer once a week.  We’ll spend time in prayer and worship together. We’ll take a spiritual retreat once a month.  Each month, we’ll intentionally engage a spiritual discipline together. Through it all, we’ll learn to listen to the voice of God in our lives.

In - Living, playing, connecting, and working together in order to support each other in life and faith.  We will work together and play together: ministry, jobs, lunches, card games, hikes, etc. We’ll grow in relationships together as we journey through deep discussions, ministering together, serving together, joking, playing, lunches, etc.  We’ll encourage one another and supporting one another to follow Christ into all fullness of life. We will also connect you with an adopted family from our church who would love to get to know you throughout your residency.

Out - Jesus consistently sought to connect and serve people of all ages and walks of life. Whether it’s having lunch with students from Golden High School or talking with your coworkers at your part-time job, we join God on His mission to save our lost world.